Attachment Of Earnings

An Attachment Of Earnings Order allows the Court to take money directly from your employer.

If a debt is subject to a Court Order (CCJ), and you’re not making payments as per the terms of the order, creditors have further means to enforce payment. One option is to apply for an Attachment Of Earnings Order.

Attachment Of Earnings

An Attachment Of Earnings will mean your employer will become aware of your financial problems.

The order tells your employer to make deductions from your wages in order to pay the debt. Your employer then sends the money to the court.

When your creditor applies for the order, you’ll receive an N56 form from the Court. You’ll be required to supply information such as:

  • Your name, address and number of dependants.
  • Your employer’s details.
  • Your income and outgoings.
  • Details of any other debts and Court orders you may have.

You must supply the requested information.
You’ve 8 days to get the form back to the Court. It’s an offence to provide false or incomplete information. Eventually you will be summoned to the Court to explain why you’ve not supplied the information and could go to prison should you fail to attend.

If you have child maintenance arrears, the Child Support Agency (CSA) or Child Maintenance Service (CMS) don’t have to apply to Court for an order to take money from your wages. They can make one themselves. This order is called a deductions from earnings order.