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Bailiff Help

We can help with Bailiffs shortly after you’ve spoken with us

Our aim is that you do not lose your belongings in this manner and that a solution, acceptable to all parties, is reached. Bailiffs can take action to remove goods, we might be able to help with that.
Don’t Panic. Our experience could help delay bailiffs, but you must act quickly.

Get Help

How can we help?

Our goal is that you keep your belongings while finding a longer term solution to your financial issues. Where we deal with bailiffs on your behalf we are doing so as part of the process of determining whether entering into an IVA is an appropriate financial solution for you.

We can phone the bailiff company on your behalf
If you’ve received notice that bailiffs are coming – we can speak to them to stop this – but you must act quickly.
We can help deal with a bailiff at your door
If you’ve a bailiff at your door; we can speak to them on your behalf. We can speak to the debt owner and/or the collection agents/enforcement officers to stop the current activity while you take stock of the situation and with our help, put together a solution.
Explain the likely outcome of judgment (CCJ)
If you consider the court judgment has been incorrect or unfairly awarded against you; or you do not accept you liability for the debt, we can explore potential options.
Negotiate Affordable Payments
If you have an outstanding debt for which there is an enforcement order, we can explain the options how best to clear this debt at a rate you can realistically achieve.
Provide Ongoing Support
We will continue to help you through this stressful time to minimise the upset caused by enforcement agents.

Important: If you ignore or send an enforcement agent away, they will return and each time charges may increase. Some of the charges may be lawful, and, at some point you may need to address the debt, and the lawful charges.

Know Your Rights

Key Rules To Dealing With Bailiffs

Do NOT Let Them In
You are not obliged to let bailiffs into your home so don’t.
Do NOT Sign Anything
You simply mustn’t sign anything a bailiff or bailiff company puts in front of you.
Never repay a debt this way
The worst way to repay a debt is to have your items taken from you and sold at about 10% of the cost to replace them from new. Contact us today and we’ll try to work out a solution with all parties concerned
Do NOT be Intimidated
You don’t have to speak to bailiffs and do not respond to intimidation.
Act Quickly
We are looking at the suitability of an IVA, if this is put into place, it will write off unaffordable debt.
Be realistic
If you’re being visited by bailiffs, you still have rights and the bailiffs must conduct themselves in a lawful manner. However, you must face up to the loss of some possessions or start payments to settle the issue very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Know if Bailiffs Are Coming?

    County Court bailiffs will not arrive at your door without warning. You must be given seven days notice to allow you a final chance to reach settlement. This is something we can help you achieve.
  • Do I Have To Let Them Enter My Home?

    You do not have to let bailiffs into your home. County Court bailiffs cannot use force to gain initial entry to a property. Walking in through an unlocked door or climbing in through a window without causing damage is classed as peaceful means. The bailiff may also ask you to allow them into your property to discuss the matter, thus gaining peaceful entry.
  • Can Bailiffs Use Force To Enter My Home?

    Forcing their way past you at your door is not allowed for debts relating to unsecured lending. Once in your home, a bailiff can use force to open internal doors and cupboards. If a bailiff has previously accessed your home by peaceful means, they are entitled to force entry on subsequent visits in respect of the same debt.
  • Can I Stop Them Entering Indefinitely?

    If you refuse the bailiff entry indefinitely, the Warrant will be returned to the Court. This means the bailiffs are saying they have not been able to get payment. The creditor may then take other action to enforce the Judgment, such as an Attachment of Earnings Order or in some cases seek a Bankruptcy Petition.