Swift Customer Promise

The financial well-being of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. This is our promise to our customers when accepting to represent them and their personal debt.

Our No.1 priority is customer satisfaction, ensuring that the customer journey is not only a stress free experience, but you’re kept informed from the very first contact until a suitable, affordable and sustainable solution is in place.

Employee’s Values & Standards

Swift Customer Promise

The financial well-being of our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

When highlighting the values and standards of our employees, several core values are expected. There is a moral requirement from all staff to ensure that their actions do not bring the business into disrepute on any level; nor are ever to the detriment of our customers.

Selfless Commitment

Swift staff work with and advise some of the most vulnerable of customers, so regular working hours may not meet these customer’s needs. With this in mind there is an expectation that every effort must be made to accommodate customers needs and resolve any issue, even if it does not fall into the employee’s contractual work times.


It is essential that there is a bond between staff and customers and that bond is cemented with trust. It is important to highlight that any form of deceit and dishonesty constitutes a lack of integrity. Ensuring that we focus on the customers’ own agenda and not our own, or that of a individual staff member, it follows that we give only the best service.

Respect For Others

When dealing with customers and other members of staff, it can be easy to forget the stress and the turmoil that one may encounter while dealing with debt. It is therefore worthwhile to reflect on this point when dealing with customers who may be disappointed an outcome that has not gone their way.

We always endeavour to focus on customer needs; remembering that we are professional when communicating with our customers at all times.

Appropriate Information & Behaviour

Ensuring that the customer is given the suitable information that adheres to their own personal circumstances is vital. Without the correct information being passed to the customer it in turn creates future issues to where the customer loses confidence in the information that they have received. When acting on behalf of a customer, achieving the best outcome for them is our ultimate goal.